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On the writer's fear of a "second book"

Actually, the fear of the "second book" doesn't just apply to the second book itself. It is the fear of all subsequent books - the third, the fifth, and the tenth. It occurs quite often, so let's pay for a paper talk about it in detail, starting with the causes.

Why does an author who has safely completed the first or third product, overcome by doubts about the next stories?

The most common writer's fears

First, there is the fear of repetition.

The fear of repetition in the characters and characters, in plot events, in the idea and intrigue, in the details - both large and small. But especially, of course, in the characters. And not just essay editing service your own. Everything, according to the classics, has already been written before us. The first time is not terrible - a beginner is not much in demand, he is learning, and what is there to learn? Only on common patterns. But then...

This fear can be very "quiet" and manifests itself in indecision, in attempts to delay the start of work, in the search for reasons not to write at all, or in the frantic generation of new ideas that throw off the chosen course and generate a lot of started and abandoned stories.

Second, it is the fear of writing worse.

Or readers praised the first book, or the author himself feels he has created something wonderful and remarkable. And because of this there is a fear of taking up the next story - what if it does not turn out as well?

Fear is equally inherent in those who write novels and one-volume books, and those who write a series. But in a series it can manifest itself in all its glory - in the fear of merging a multi-volume epic with one unsuccessful book, in the "what if it is not interesting, and they will not read further, and I have two more books to continue...?"

One-volume authors suffer just as much, though. They still have to write the same two or three or five stories, albeit with new characters and worlds. And it can also be afraid that one unsuccessful book will turn away readers from all creativity in general.

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