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What You Should Know Before Traveling With An ESA

In our chaotic, contemporary world, travel is a huge aspect of our lives. As we get increasingly scattered and dispersed throughout the world, travel becomes more of a necessity by the day. Traveling to see relatives and friends who live far away is, of course, necessary, but it can also be a much-needed getaway from the strains of our work and daily lives.

Having an ESA with an esa letter online means you need to take them with you while traveling. Any domesticated animal like dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc can serve as emotional support animals. However, because they are not properly trained, you must have the proper documentation from a qualified medical health practitioner with you. Before you travel, learn about the rules and regulations that allow your emotional support animal to join you when other pets are not permitted. In this blog, we will tell you some important guidelines that you should keep in mind while taking an ESA with you.

Points to consider “before” traveling with your ESA

Inform the Airline

Once you booked your ticket you must call the airline and inform them that you will be traveling with your ESA. Tell them what your emotional support animal is i.e dog, cat, rabbit, etc. They need to know all the information beforehand so they can make necessary arrangements.

ESA letter

The most important thing on your checklist is your ESA letter. Authorities would want to see your ESA Letter while you are traveling. The letter is valid for about a year so make sure you check its expiry date before you plan to travel. You can apply for an ESA certificate for any species as long as your pet helps reduce your mental illness symptoms and can deal with the stress of working in public. Just keep in mind that ESAs are not automatically permitted to accompany you wherever you go. If your ESA is unusually huge or unique, be aware that certain airlines will not allow them to travel and that some therapists will not provide letters for these unique ESAs.

Choose a suitable carrier

Your ESA will spend most of the time in its carrier so make sure you select a perfect carrier for them. Practice them to sleep in their carrier for a long time. They should feel comfortable in their carrier which will also help in calming them. Carriers nowadays come with wheels too so you don't have to lift your ESA all the way to the aircraft cabin.

Prepare your ESA

Do not feed your animal before the flight and limit their water consumption as well. Dogs can experience motion sickness, which is why a full stomach may cause nausea or vomiting. Exercise your ESA a few hours before the flight so their energy is drained and they stay calm during travel.

What to Pack for your ESA?

Packing familiar toys or even old clothes items with your scent on them might make your pet feel more at ease when traveling and also take the emotional support dog letter with you while travelling by air. This allows your pet or ESA to feel as at ease as they would if you were at home.

Points to consider “during” traveling with your ESA

Check-in Requirements

ESA passengers have to check-in roughly an hour before the rest of the passengers. It is a prerequisite for traveling with ESA as it takes time to process the documentation and monitor the animal.

Take essential things of your ESA

While you pack a separate small bag for your ESA, don't forget some other essential things of your animal that includes:

A collar or leash

The litter box of your support animal

Pet first aid kit

The health certificate of your pet indicates that the pet is completely healthy and can travel. You can get this certificate from a vet.

An esa letter for housing in case someone asks for it.

Know the Rules

Before traveling with your emotional support animal, it is critical that you understand the regulations and procedures for flying with an ESA. You must submit your ESA paperwork to the airline at least 48 hours before your flight. Each airline will have its own rules when it comes to emotional support animals. Some may simply accept your ESA letter on the day of your trip, while others will ask you to submit extra paperwork in advance from your qualified healthcare practitioner or veterinarian. Many airlines do not allow snakes, reptiles, rodents, or spiders while traveling. You should be aware of all the rules and regulations outlined by that specific airline before traveling.

Know the size and number of animals restrictions

Although an emotional support animal letter allows you to take your pet anywhere with you, make sure that you only take two ESAs with you to an aircraft per person. According to the airline's restrictions and for a comfortable travel experience animals that are too heavy or large are not allowed. Such animals can be dangerous in air travel and be a threat to the health or safety of the passengers.

Keep your pet at a safe distance from other passengers

You have to make sure that your animal is not the source of discomfort for other passengers. Try to avoid taking such ESAs which are frightening for other people (like snakes and spiders). Keep your pet at least 6 feet away from other people and ensure good hygiene, cleaning of litter boxes whenever required.

Stay calm during your travels and don't forget to make memories with your ESA.

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